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Repair and Service
Why is my service a better choice?


There are three items to consider when having your computer serviced:
1) What is the cost?
2) How much experience does the repair person have?
3) Will my computer be repaired properly?

The cost is easy to determine, but the qualifications of the technician and the level of service they will perform are not.
When you carry your computer into a national retail store, you usually do not
meet the person working on your computer. You know nothing about the
experience and expertise of the technician.

My Qualifications
Let me introduce myself ...

Hello! I am Steven Hamm - owner of ComputerServices.bz.
I personally perform every installation and repair.
This ensures you receive the most personalized and professional service possible

With over twenty years of experience working with computers and networks,
I have the knowledge to correctly and professionally repair your equipment.

In 1998, I earned the designation of
COMPTIA A+ Certified Technician.
Since then, I have also earned certifications from Apple and Microsoft.

I am proudest of my Certified Wireless Network Professional certifications.
From CWNP, I have earned the designation of
Certified Wireless Technology Specialist,
and Certified Wireless Network Administrator.

In addition to these industry certifications, I have extensive experience repairing both PC's and Apple computers and networks of all types.  
Clients include medical offices, community groups, non-profits, private businesses of all sizes, hospitality industry clients and numerous residential customers.

In addition to my business, I have been employed as a technician for a large, local school district for over ten years.
The ever changing landscape of education technology allows me to constantly keep current on new and emerging technologies; from single classroom computers to entire campus deployments.

In addition, as a requirement for employment, I have passed national background checks, have no criminal record whatsoever and I am subject to random drug screening.
With ComputerServices.bz, you know exactly who you are welcoming into your home or business. 

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Request Service
What to do if your computer or network needs service.

For service please call or text me at 859-229-8171.
If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will return your call.
Sometimes I am unable to answer due to meetings or on a job for another client.

E-mail also works great!
My address is: Steven@ComputerServices.bz

On Site or Pickup
Would you like me to repair your computer on site?

Customers often prefer their computers being repaired at their homes or offices.
This arrangement allows the customer to watch and learn.
I have no problem
teaching anyone about what I am doing to repair their computer.
In fact, I encourage it! 

I can also pick up your computer and service it off site. This arrangement is sometimes better for
businesses and customers who are too busy to have their computers repaired on site.
Customers can also meet me at a predetermined location to drop off a computer.
If someone lives outside of the usual service area, this option can be a convenient solution.
Either way is fine with me.

Remember, unlike the majority of computer repair businesses,
there is
no additional charge for onsite service.



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