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Repair Services and Base Labor:
Hourly onsite for most residential services: $55.00
Non-residential, network install and support services may be billed at a higher rate depending on type of work.

Minimum charge of $35.00 for quick repairs taking less than thirty minutes.
The majority of repairs are completed within one to two hours.
If time required exceeds two hours, the amount will be negotiated with the client and usually heavily discounted.


I have a unique parts policy!
In most instances, the client pays what I pay for the part. 
What better solution to the age old question of "Do I really need that?".

Phone support:
Phone support not resulting in a service call related to the issue will be billed at the following rates.
$7.50 for 15 minutes / $15.00 for 30 minutes / $22.50 for 45 minutes / $30 an hour

Data Recovery:

Data recovery jobs are quoted for approval before work is started.
These rates vary due to uniquness of each incident.

Full Reinstalls:
Occasionally the best method to repair a machine is to back up the data, erase the hard drive then reinstall
the system. This is usually done off site and cost depends on the complexity of the system.
Normally the charge is around $125.00.

No Repair:
Sometimes the best resolution to a problem is to simply not repair the computer.
This happens usually only on older systems that the parts would exceed the value of the unit.
I never want to feel that I talked a client into spending money that they should not have.
If your computer should not be repaired, there will be a small diagnostic charge, 
but will not be billed at full rate.

Fayette County Public School employees and customers with
ComputerServices.bz custom systems qualify for a small discount.

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