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Data Recovery Services
When a disaster strikes, choosing a data recovery service is a critial decision!


One of my specialties is data recovery. 
People store nearly their entire lives on a computer, often without proper backups.
From your precious photos and your school work, to your entire business, it can all be gone in an instant.
Numerous factors can cause hard drives to fail and great care must be taken to ensure the best opportunity for a successful recovery.

A warning: Far too often I have bad news for clients, but it is always due to someone without professional knowledge trying to recover their files.

In certain circumstances, every moment the drive is on, more data is being permanently destroyed. 
Most friends, tech savvy neighbors, geeks and small computer repair shops have the best of intentions, but often cause non-repairable damage to your data. 

Dangerous methods had involved everything from dropping the drive to unstick it, freezing it to make it spin, running it for hours to warm it,
taking it apart to clean it out, etc!  None of those actions accomplish anything and risk everything!  

At the very least, if there is damage to a drive, someone with good intentions, yet without proper equipment and knowledge are going to make the recovery job more difficult and often more expensive.
If you donít use my services, please get your drive to someone with the ability to do proper data recovery. 

Donít trust your irreplaceable memories and critical files to anyone less than a professional!

In addition to the tools, software and extensive understanding of the recovery process, I know when to stop!
That is critical and often the most over looked skill!
In most situations, small issues can lead to data loss and most drives are easily recoverable.
Yet, if a drive has sustained certain types of damage, there is no other option than to send it to a clean room certified data recovery company.
Continuing attempts to retrieve your data in these circumstances is the worst action a local technician can take as it is likely permanently destroying your files.

There are only a couple of these companies in the United States that have the ability to open your drive, change out fragile components and even extract the raw data from the platters themselves.
Granted these services are costly, but have an extremely high level of success.
The most important skill a technician can process is to know when the data simply cannot be saved by conventional means and must be sent to a dedicated expert for data recovery. 

I recommend Kroll Ontrack in these circumstances.
Kroll Ontrack is an award winning company that has performed over half a million recoveries and are considered the industry experts.
Their client list includes government agencies, prestigious Fortune 500 companies and thousands of relieved individuals.
ComputerService.bz is extremely proud to be a Kroll Ontrack Authorized Partner and I can faciliate the entire experience for you at no addition charge.

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